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What began as a simple photography project, turned into much more.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 began the observation of an ordinary tree. On the same day of the week, for an entire year.

I had no idea the world would be shutting down.

Passing that lone tree, every time I walked in our woods. Standing guard in the middle of a field.

Who knew that would become me, or you.

Branches were reaching out. For what?

The tree appeared the same every single week. Or was it.

Are we the same every week?

Subtle differences could be found. If one really looked. Even from a similar vantage point.

Everyone became challenged with similarity.

We cared deeper about everything, and missed so much.

The year an entire world lost from a pandemic. I found in a tree.

Through pure observation and reflection.

January 1 ~ December 30, 2020
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